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At Lūm, we take a humanistic and holistic approach to benefits education and enrollment.

We look at the strategic benefits to the business, the ease of implementation and the effect that a benefits package has on employees. The end goal is to help employees be more productive, healthier, happier as well as more financially successful as a result of their benefits.


Did you know?

93% of employees say they need someone to talk to for benefits information.*

*Trustmark Independent study of employees, (conducted by Connell Group), 2015.



We give your employees someone to talk to. The greatest benefit to working with Lūm is the local access to the top benefits counselors in the country. Our counselors are trained on every aspect of the employees’ benefits package. That means they can help clear away the inherent confusion of the enrollment process and offer solutions tailored to the individual employee.



1. one-to-one

Benefits Education

Core Enrollment

Self-enroll Training

Local, Bilingual Enrollers

Multi-state, Multi-location

Online Scheduling Tools

New Hire On-boarding

2. call center

Available 8am to 8pm Eastern

Open enrollments and new hires.


Excellent employee participation record.

All calls are recorded and archived locally.

3. self-enroll

24/ 7 Access

Qualifying events

New hires



Elevating your ben admin experience


Benefits Administration

Not all benefits administration platforms and policies play well together. At Lūm we have the technical expertise to make sure incompatibilities won’t cost you more in the long-run. And if you’ve already lost time or money implementing the wrong solution, we swoop in to save the day and connect the right parts.

In addition to training the HR department on the technology, we train employees on how to use their benefits administration system as a part of the enrollment process. That means less strain on the HR department and more control in the hands of employees.


our Third-party Services include

  • New Hire Onboarding

  • EDI and Eligibility

  • Payroll Integration

  • PTO and Tracking

  • ACA Reporting

  • VB Integration


Powered by Voluntary benefits


Voluntary Benefits

We can help you add value to your benefits offering while helping employees fill gaps in coverage. These offerings are at little or no cost to your business and in many cases can help you save money in the enrollment process. Our counselors will help employees choose which, if any, voluntary benefits will help protect them given their family situation, financial situation and health history.


Voluntary benefits include

  • Disability

  • Accident

  • Critical Illness

  • Cancer

  • Hospital Confinement

  • Whole Life

  • Dental



Amplified by our partners


National Enrollment Partners

Lūm is a part of a national network of local enrollment firms that offer local-level service to offices with multi-state locations. National Enrollment Partners has a network of agents throughout the country that services all 50 states.

With this nationwide access, we reduce overhead and create a more broker-friendly commission split than other enrollment firms. Rather than 70/30, think 50/50. This means you can offer a better service for less.

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HRO Partners

Through our relationship with HRO Partners, we offer access to on-demand HR services including:

  • Consulting: project-based HR consulting

  • Recruitment: full cycle recruitment

  • HRO Now, an on-demand HR presence

Learn more about HRO Partners →



Commercial Property & Casualty

With Lūm, you can make sure your business is covered as well as your employees. From mitigating costs during a major storm to protecting your reputation during a lawsuit, property and casualty insurance helps you keep the lights on no matter what comes your way. We help you take a strategic approach to your choice in coverage based on where your business is and where you want it to go.

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